Style Frames

We wanted to make the video fun and trapping to watch. The team and I felt that we could do better so we went back to the drawing board. During this stage we came up as a team the concept of CITS Labs. An imaganery lab where all the magic of making a video takes place. In that scene you see lab-techs ( The team) working on engagement for videos, testing of keyframes, brainstorming and more, all leading the viewer to the big red button that launches videos.


After some revisions of the design, I realized the most empactful way to reveal the scene was if a continous motion of shapes as transitions revealed each portion of the lab, like a Jenga game where everrything fits perfectly like a puzzle. Each puzzle piece contains one of the steps it takes to creating an animation video with CITS in cronilogical order. That is where the design shown below came in.